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Mistakes Men Should Avoid When Approaching a Lady You've Never Met Before

You have been seeing this charming lady in your neighborhood for sometimes and now you want to approach her and maybe get to have her number. When it comes to approaching a lady, depending on a number of factors, you might not get the chance to speak to her.  

There are certain mistakes men should avoid when approaching a girl as they are said to be turn off. 

1. Whistling to a girl

Remember that you are approaching her for the first time. This is claimed to be an old fashioned method. Whistling to a girl just sounds unprofessional and weird. Chances of her responding to your whistle are awfully low. Why don't you gain the courage and approach her once and for all? If she fails to heed to your request, then there is next time.  

2. Catcalling. 

We have all been using those miserable terms when approaching a girl. You will want to avoid them since they have been said to a turn off when talking to a girl you've never met before. Words like "uko na figure, umeweza, umeiva" should be avoided at all cost if at all you need to get her attention. 

3. Being aggressive

Again, if she has refused to talk to you, it doesn't mean she is not interested in you. Apparently, she might be playing hard to get. She wants to see your reactions and maybe change her mind.

When you start hurling insults at her without an apparent reason, she won't change her mind if she had planned to. If she insists on not finding you attractive, just get going and stop forcing things out. 

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