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Ladies, Three Types Of Guys To Watch Out For In Relationship

Reasons why some single ladies go from one heartbreak to another is not because they are not well mannered, or loveable. It is the type of males their eyes get attracted to.

They go into a romantic relationship with this kind of!


Regardless of the age, growing is mandatory but growing up is optional, it is by choice, the young at heart cares less about the lady in his life or putting a home together and he is not ready to learn, the woman will think and making the decisions. What he is concerned about are his looks rather than his character.

This kind of man kisses and tells, they talk about their relationships to everybody anywhere. He will be worried about what his mum thinks about him even when it is time to leave and cleave, he has no plan for the future.

He is not a bad person per say, but you cannot put a bike engine in a car and expect the performance of a car.

When a mature lady date this type, she changes from a mature lady to a nagging girl.


it is better to be single than date a player. No matter the efforts, it ends in heartbreak except he decides to change.

Remember you cannot fix a man that does not want to be fixed, it must be his decision.

Most women fall for them because they are attractive and presentable sometimes, they are extraordinary, they could be rich, famous, tall, and very romantic, they possess many qualities that a woman desires.

He will sweep you off your feet and make you believe you are the luckiest woman on planet earth, he will tell you what you love to hear and show you what you want to see, he will get into your head through your heart and take control of your thinking, he will spend enough money to take you to bed if you are still adamant and once he has achieved that, the story changes.

Any attention he was giving, he withdraws it, his words will begin to contradict his actions, his behavior begins to change then, you begin to wonder what you did wrong, girl it is not you, it is him, his time is limited, he has to catch up with other ladies.

It is hard to win in this game unless you are materialistic or never date to commit.

A player's heart has no space for love; he will marry a potential victim for selfish reasons or benefit and continue his games after marriage; he will tell terrific stories about his wife just to get another woman to bed.


These people do not know what they want in a relationship, it is like a door, you are either in or out, they will put one foot in and the other out, people will think you are in a relationship while you do not know where you stand.

He is a good guy that doesn't play games, he will love you and give you all you want but will always give you excuses like

"I need some time"

"I am not ready"

He puts your life on hold with his excuses not because he is a bad person but because he hasn't figured out what he wants out of the relationship and his life.

Of course, there is no rush in life but there is a big difference between Ignorance and endurance. You can only endure when he has a destination, endurance with a confused can be risky and a waste of time.

The male here is not the issue because he has chosen his part, If your intention for being in a relationship is to build commitment to marriage and you have been in and out of relationships then check the kind of men you date.

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