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These 8 Signs are Red Flags in a Relationship

The signs of an unhealthy relationship can vary widely, so this list isn’t all-inclusive. But it may help point out some possible issues. Some of the signs are herein;

1. One of you tries to control or change the other- You are never in a relationship to control the other. If you are not comfortable with a certain behaviour you should feel comfortable enough to bring it up. Try sharing opinions and ideas. If your partner does something that bothers you and you cannot accept it, the relationship will have problems.

2.You don't spend much time together- Relationships often develop when people enjoy each other's company and want to spend even more time together. Your relationship may be struggling if you consistently see less of each other. Other warning signs include feeling distant from each other or relieved when you aren’t together. You might even try to find excuses to avoid spending time together.

3. The relationship feels unequal- A healthy relationship should be fairly balanced. Periods of inequality may happen from time to time but if your relationship regularly feels unbalanced, it can become problematic.

4. They say negative or hurtful things about you or others- You can always show concern when your partner does something that worries you. However, expressing these feelings should be done in a helpful and reproductive way. It is not healthy to constantly criticize each other or say intentionally hurtful things about each other.

5. You don't feel heard in a relationship- A relationship should be based on the mutual consent of each partner. Partners should always hear each other's opinion and appreciate or apply good opinions.

6. You are afraid of expressing disagreements Partners should always feel safe to have their own opinions even when this means they disagree. If your partner responds to your views with rudeness, it often suggests they don't respect you or your ideas and this will affect your relationship.

7. You don't feel happy or comfortable around your partner- If you feel uneasy or unhappy all the time, the relationship may not be meeting your needs.

8.Disagreements or discussions do not go anywhere- Healthy conflict resolution should always lead to solutions or compromise.

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