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Post Of Appreciation to All Women

dear men,

You saw a beautiful girl with beautiful and sweet sexy shape, asked her to marry you and she agreed with her whole heart. She also agreed to be your helper and mother of all your beautiful kids that you will be proud of, children that will take after you and take your name in places you have never been. Now, after making you a proud father of many beautiful kids, she lost that beauty, flat tummy and the shape that attracted you. After all this you still cheat on her, is this fair?

dear women,

Sometimes I feel like nature is unfair to you but you are a miracle. It is you who bleeds every month with severe pains and cramps. Even in all this pains, you still have to put things together for a normal day. It is you who carry another human inside you for 9 months. The inconvenience, the discomfort, the sacrifice and carefulness. You sacrifice what makes you happy just to keep another life healthy when it is time to deliver.

Afterall it all, you still carry yourself up and continue with life activities with bandage and pains. But what is miraculous about this all is the smile you put on your face while facing all this. MAY GOD BLESS EVERY WOMAN OUT THERE.

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