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3 Powerful Reasons Why Some Kenyan Ladies Dump Their Rich Lovers

Lovers in an argument (Photo Courtesy).

Love is always a good thing and whoever finds the best partner lives to enjoy most of their life without any struggles. On the contrary, having a lover who does not act in the manner deemed right for a relationship, things end up going bad resulting in premature misunderstanding and breakups. Here are some of the powerful reasons why some Kenyan ladies dump their rich lovers.

First, there is the absence of mutual respect between the two love birds. For instance, a lady can decide to dump her rich lover if she shows him respect but he does not do the same for her. Most rich men think that they don't have to respect their lovers because they have money and are providing everything for them. This is a bad idea as most ladies love those who love them back no matter their status.

Lovers sitting together (Photo Courtesy).

Secondly, unfaithfulness that is caused by rich lovers show tend to get in love with every lady they spot. This behavior does not sit well with most innocent ladies who end up making a decision to break up with their rich lovers. A good number of rich lovers are known for marrying several women in secrecy something that angers most ladies to dump them without thinking twice.

The final reason is mistreatment from rich lovers who make most ladies they are in love with to do anything they demand from them. This makes some ladies to live like fugitives despite being in relationships. As a result, the only viable solution that some ladies see is dumping them so that they can live their own lives that are free from harsh conditions meted on them by their rich lovers.

Lovers sitting on a couch (Photo Courtesy).

One thing everyone should know is that love should be something that is executed by both partners who are in a relationship. No one should think they are above the other because they have money hence they can dictate anything and everything they think it is good for them.

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