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What Happens If Someone Objects at Your Wedding


Your wedding might be canceled; this idea was brought by Catholic Church as a way of ensuring the union was legal before making it official. The wedding was announced days before happening and the reasons for objections could be things like; being underage, being married before or even having a close blood relationship. Such things will of course lead to the wedding being canceled 

It may turn into a scandal

Here someone might come forward with their own stories just to stop the wedding; this might be scandals and accusations. We all have heard of a popular phrase “speak now or forever hold your peace.” It is a tribute to traditions some people may use this opportunity to disrupt everything

You may find out that you have secret admirer

Some people may just want to interfere the wedding not for something important but just to express their feelings about someone who getting married. When two adult have made up their mind and get married, it is very hard to affect their decision, but finding out that one of the has a secret admirer might hurt their relationship 

They will steal the show

In some cases it is not all about serious things, someone might just decide to make an objection so as to make the moment unforgettable. This depends on how close you are to the bride and the groom and also your sense of humor. When someone decides to make an objection which is not serious, they have to give a funny reason for their objection just to show that nothing was so serious

No one would care

This is one of special day and moment for both the bride and the groom so this means even if someone decides to shout an objection from back there, everyone might decide to ignore the person because they do not want to spoil this day or pay attention to the person.

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