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Men Never do these Mistakes When Chatting with a Lady

The excitement of talking to the woman you love is unexexplainable and most men end up doing mistakes when chatting. What are some of the mistakes you know men make when chatting?

Here are most common mistakes men make when chatting with a woman.:

1• Sending her very long text _ Know that ladies hate reading texts that are very long because they contain nothing of importance. When Chatting use direct phrases and tell the lady what you feel. Stop writing a whole paragraph as she finds this very boring.

2•Being boring while chatting _ Ladies love when the chat is lovely. Choose on the hot topics that you know ladies love. Asking her what she has eaten or what she is doing t a given time is very boring. Chat on specific topics that will make her participate fully.

3•Assuming that ymshe likes you just because she replied to a text you sent her.Most guys get it wrong and at the end get disappointed. Stay calm after she replies to your text as she may not have any idea as to why you texted her.

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