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Primary Education


Very few can Answer This Tough CRE Question

Photo used for illustration.

CRE was a compulsory subject for everyone who went through primary school in Kenya. Some of the questions examined a student’s application of knowledge gained from religious studies. These were referred to application questions.

One such case was on Twitter where a popular influencer Ja loka (@_fels1) posed a tough primary school CRE question that sent users scratching their unkempt heads in search of answers.

“I swear at 26, I can’t answer this one correctly, how do they expect a 12 year old to answer it beyond me. Wetin be dis abi?” he tweeted. 

The multiple-choice CRE question was: Which of the following is not a factor to consider when choosing a marriage partner?

A. Age

B. HIV/AIDS Status

C. Wealth

D. Character

This was met by a rush of comments many failing to find the answer to the question. Here are some of the reactions.

The post has since amassed 1k likes and over 100 comments.

Neither do I have a correct answer. What do you think is the correct answer? Drop your comments.


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