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Common Symptoms Of Gonorrhoea That You Should Not Ignore.

Gonorrhoea is one of the most common form of Sexually Transmitted Infection that is caused by a bacteria called Neisseria Gonorrhoea. It is Commonly transmitted through having unprotected intimate moments with an Infected person. It can also be passed from mum to baby during birth or nursing.

One of the most worrying trend about gonorrhoea is that the disease does not cause symptoms but it is still Transmitted from one person to another. Regular screening of gonorrhoea should be mandatory for people of reproductive age so as to contain the spread of the bacteria.

However Few individuals may exhibit the following symptoms which may go away after a while.

1. Painful Urination time and a sense of burning sensation in the urethra when passing out urine.

2.increased urge to visit the washroom only to pass a small amount of urine.

3. You may notice an abnormal vaginal discharge which may be greenish, creamish or may resemble pus.

4. Testicular pain in men while women may Experience pelvic pain.

The above Symptoms can indicate that all is not well and a medical diagnosis with early treatment with antibiotics will help you to recover better. Untreated Gonorrhoea can lead to future infertility problems.

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