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5 Reasons That Gradually Kills Our Relationships

Every individual will feel happy to have strong relationship that will lead to marriage. But it turns out different. In every engagement you enter you have to give it the best you, remember everything has its own consequences even love has its challenges, if you want the best then work smart for your love life.

Our relationships are killed gradually with many reasons, but I sampled out 5, they are so many.

1) lack of communication

In each love affair communication is the key to everything, when you don't communicate to one another time by time, slowly and slowly love for her/him starts to fade away.

2) Distance

Love should be planted and watered and it grows with time, as a beautiful tree, sometimes distance matters a lot, being far apart bring more temptations of loneliness and cheating. When you don't pay visit where your lover stays frequently. You will start losing interest and falling in love with those who are around you. Long distance is a big threat to Relationships

3) Lack commitment

Being don't care person, will cost every person in relationship. You're not committed to yor lover, you don't call her, text her, your are not there in time of need while others are committed, automatically he/ she loses interest in you.

4) Being insecure

When you see someone who is beautiful or handsome near your lover you become so jealousy. You feel like he/she will leavev you for her/him. If your lover notices that,she/he will start a voiding you, in the process you kill his/her love for you.

5) constant frustration

Constant drama from partners, nagging one another. Makes one of you to start losing interest gradually. As time goes on he/she will move to next relationship hoping for the best.

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