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Signs That Show You Are More Attractive Than You Think

Studies shows that humans aren't capable of realistically assesing themselves especially when it comes to physical appearance and attractiveness. This is because we perceive ourselves differently from those around us. Wondering about how others think of you can be maddening. There are alot of clues you can learn to figure it out.

People smiling when they see you.

It's much more common for someone to smile to a stranger that they find attractive than someone they don't. If you happened to notice that you get a friendly smile from most people you pass by on the street, chances are that they find you attractive. Giving a quick smile can be a way of flirting.

Strangers staring at you.

Anyone will feel self-conscious if they are aware of strangers staring at them in public. If it happens to you alot, you maybe attractive than you realize. When someone we find attractive walks into a room we are usually not able to avert our gaze from them. Someone who make people turns heads that easily must be attractive.

People seem to enjoy talking to you.

Do other people come to you and start conversations regardless of where you are and what you are doing? If so it's probably because you are easy on their eyes. It may not seem fair but those who are deemed attractive are treated better than those who are average looking. They get more positive attention than other people.

People raise their eyebrows when they see you.

If people raise their eyebrows it means that they are either surprised or caught offguard. If someone looks at you and raises their eyebrows it's another sign that they find you attractive. Raising your eyebrows is a natural reaction conducted by your brain. So if you find someone raising their eyebrows it means they are interested in you.

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