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How To stop Loving someone

Can you learn how to stop loving someone after a breakup?lts an impossible thing to explain. When it comes to not loving someone any longer,all you can do is go through it,believe your feelings for them will never change,and then watch in wonder as time passes and they finally do.

To that end,here are 5 things you can do to help you stoo loving someone ;

1•Block them on social media _lf you really block your ex,it will help you stoo loving himlt really will.You need to give yourself time and space away from a person if you ever hope to get over them. Social media makes this a nightmare show.

2•Ask for honest opinions from friends _ l did this when l was having a really hard time figuring out how to stop loving someone. The someone in question was an ex who had ghosted me.

Your friends will hold back because they don't want to hurt you.Sometimes you must trick them with booze to get the straight dope.

3•Go on dating sites _Sometimes,the only way to move past breakup is to put your attention on someone else.Plus ,an ego boost doesn't hurt.

This doesn't mean sleeping with a stranger; instead it means putting yourself out there into the world,no matter how scary it may be just don't force yourself to do something you're uncomfortable with.

All of that said,the fastest way to un_love a person is to stop thinks about them. And getting attention from other men can help.

4•Think of all of reasons you broke up_you don't need to hold on to love for someone whose life plan is so different than your own. You don't need to hate him,either,but you can definitely let go of that love that's not right for you.

5•Remember that he didn't love you _lf he loved you,he would have actually broken up with you instead of just leaving you to figure it out when he stopped talking to you after a year of dating exclusively.

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