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Husband and wife relationship

A husband losses his wife to a close friend.

A lady by the name Jennifer posted is seeking for help from her friends, after she realized that her husband had used a trap to test her faithfulness on there marriage.

According to he, March 2020 she noticed a man who would comment and like each and everything she could put on Facebook, sensing that it was dangerous to her marriage she stopped posting. However the man proceeded to her inbox sending love messeges. Something that gradually changed to exchanging numbers.

Sometimes later in 2020 they started meeting on romantic outings and coffee dates. The man therefore upgraded his game into petty cash and gifts. Hence winning Jennifer's heart.

All this time Jennifer din't know that her side man was a close friend to her main man, and the husband was behind the whole script. To Jane the man was monied, and a every womans' test.

One Sunday they planed for night out, Jane went home and put everything in order, convincing her hubby that she was to check a cousin who stays in the nearby town. A journey that was meant to take 24 hours. She was therefore given a permission and proceed to meeting point.

After some minutes the side man was at the place they all had good time until it was time to go have there night together. Out of the blues her hubby knocked. To her suprise, she noticed that two men knew each other and all this was a trap to prove if she was faithful or not.

Hopelessly, Jane left the hotel room heading to her parents' place, she is therefore asking help how to access the marriage back.

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Jane Jennifer


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