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Kenyan Woman Returns From Saudi Arabia With Two Children Reveals She Is Five Months Pregnant

After narrating how she returned to Kenya with two children from deadbeat Sudanese men after years in Saudi Arabia, Merab Wanjiku's story left many jaws agape. Merab will be a mother of six children in the near future. A month after returning from Saudi Arabia, Merab Wanjiku said she is five months pregnant. Wanjiku had fled the nation seven years before after an abusive marriage to her Kenyan husband, with whom she had three gorgeous children.

The Kiambu woman explained how a series of events led to her having intimate connections with two Sudanese men, both of whom left her pregnant and fled. However, while she was retelling her tragedy, she kept away some details for fear of being judged and humiliated, given that her narrative had already horrified many people.

Pregnant for five months Despite this, the mother of five has stated that she is five months pregnant with her sixth child; the child's father is a Saudi Arabian man with whom she lived before returning to Kenya. Her third pregnancy can be traced back to the time she was pregnant with her second child (Angel) in the Middle Eastern country. Angel's father, the second Sudanese guy she had a romantic relationship with, abandoned her, according to Wanjiku. The Arab man, on the other hand, offered her a shoulder to rely on. "I was left homeless after he (the Sudanese man) departed, and around that time, this Arab guy had been pursuing me for quite some time despite being in a relationship with a woman who was a friend of mine," she explained.

The man would later hunt for her on Facebook, and she succumbed to his overtures because she was pregnant with her second kid, living in a strange country, and unemployed. They met during her second pregnancy, and he even assisted her with some hospital fees, but they split up when he was involved in an accident. She fought to stay alive throughout this period, especially after the delivery of the second child. She stated it was difficult to obtain work and find someone to care for her two young children.

Worse came when the woman who was hosting her and caring for her children began to treat her with contempt. She reconnected with the Arab man, who welcomed her and her two children into his home. "I looked for him because I didn't know where else to turn. I moved in with him, and it was through him that I became pregnant (for the third time in Saudi Arabia) "She went on to say that the pregnancy surprised her because she was on family-planning pills.

Unfortunately, the Arab lover, like her previous baby daddies, pushed her out and abandoned her when he found out she was pregnant. This is when she made the decision to return home. She handed herself in to a deportation center. She returned to the country a month ago, and since her tale aired, she has received assistance from a number of well-wishers. The Kenyan mother of five is about to become a mother of six.

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