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Husband and wife relationship

2 Kenyan Women Who Have Been With Their Husbands Before Fame

If asked, it's very difficult to find a lady who will want to be married by a poor or less richer person. Ladies want already established husbands if am to say so. Is it okay if I say that, the greed for money has made most ladies date old men ,' Mubaba/ Sponsor' as they mention it.

With all that being said, there are two women who stood with their current husbands since the day they were broke till to date when they have money and are famous. They portrayed patience. To them, money is worldly things and love is not all about money.

In this article, we will discuss two of them who loved their husbands despite their situation.

1. Lulu Hassan

Lulu is a media personality at Citizen TV, The CEO at Jiffy Pictures Production, Downy Ambassador and currently she is among the Oppo Brand Ambassadors.

Loulou is married to Rashid Abdalla who is a media personality at Citizen TV and the Founder of Jiffy Pictures Production.

When Rashid was marrying his sweetheart he owned nothing. He was living in a single room with no bed. They laid their mattress on the floor and ate from the sufuria because he didn't have enough utensils.

Loulou as a patient and a woman who is in love didn't mind the situation, she believed that one day their story would be different. And true, things changed with time.

Currently they have three kids and are living in a very big house. The amount of money they have right now is unmatched. Am sure they look at each other and their past they smile.

2. Kathy Kiuna

The J.C.C parklands Reverend is married to Bishop Kiuna. When they got married, they had nothing to identify themselves with the rich.( Maybe God's Riches- Health, life and peace of mind)

They would eat chapo- madondo and even at times they would forego meals because they couldn't afford. But Kiuna never thought of leaving the side of her hubby.

At the moment, they are among the biggest names in the celebrity list. They even own a helicopter and a church that has a college too.

How many ladies of the 21st century can get married to a broke man and patiently wait for God's timing? Or it's better to suffer in Dubai than in Kawangware?

Content created and supplied by: JoyceMwendeN (via Opera News )

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