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Men: This is The Main Reason Girls Hate When you Visit Them

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Relationships in the 21st century especially for millennials have transformed into very complex and shocking arrangements where lovers are forced to live by certain rules which they impose to each other.

A perfect example of such standards is the common behavior of girls denying their boyfriends visitation. They achieve their mission by using cliches such as real men don't visit their girlfriends house, they don't do sleepovers among many other baseless statements.

Behind this rhetorical statements lies a lot of ingenuity and here is the main reason why your girlfriend will do all he can to frustrate your attempts to visit her neighborhood let alone her house.

It's simple, most girls are leaving way below the standards they fake to have whenever you meet them personally or on social media where they flex their life achievements, impeccable sense of fashion, vacays and many other luxurious accomplishments.

Photo/courtesy Pinterest

The fake impressions can easily make a man sweetsto think that he is below her standards but back in her house she even has no standards and the situation is terrible.

That is the reason if you ever visit your girlfriend or crush unannounced, you might end up hating her for the rest of your life.

Men what is your opinion about girls discouraging you from visiting their houses?

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