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4 things that men find embarrassing

The thing about being a man is to appear ‘manly’ in the eyes of fellow men and the ladies especially. As a matter of fact, anything that acts as a detriment to manliness is often considered embarrassing. And there are several things that do. 

1. Being publicly rejected by a lady.

You may have seen the video that was doing rounds in the social media where a lady rejected a range rover present from her man. A freaking range rover and she rejected it. To the man, that was the ultimate present. Other than that there are instances where men have been rejected especially when proposing. It is quite embarrassing, to be honest. 

2. When insulted based on a ‘biological’ defect

 This is a tactic used especially by jilted lovers. They often refer to is as ‘small.’ A man would almost pay anything not to refer ‘it’ as small. It crushes his ego. It is even worse when in presence of other ladies. Close to that is criticizing or insulting his skills. It does not matter if you’ve been together for a month or a century. It is embarrassing. 

3. A big butt

 Big butts are exclusively meant for the fairer gender, specifically to those who have ambitions of being socialites. But a man! There’s no use for a big posterior unless severe biological accidents happen along the way that makes him decide to play for the other team. Other than that, a man cannot even Instagram it.

4. Being turned down by a lady he is crushing on 

Men are wired to be the ones initiating and propagating God’s creation. With civilization comes the task, that some find daunting, of approaching a lady and charming her out of her wits [or undergarments - whichever applies]. As result, being turned down by a lady one really admires is bound to hurt in an embarrassing way especially if people around knew that she was already his.

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