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4 Reasons Why A Man Shouldn't Get Used To Staying in A Woman's House When Dating.

When in a relationship, there are certain things that a man should consider not doing when with the lady. It might seem not necessary, but today in this article we are going to give reasons in detail why a man should not get used to spending a night in a lady's house.

1. Respect.

When the lady you are dating realizes that most of the time you are with her is in her house, she will tend to think that you ain't of help to her. She might think that you are just using her, and she might end up disrespecting you.

2. You might find yourself in a problem.

Single ladies sometimes have multiple partners and when you get into her life you should cease spending a night in her house. This is because another guy might visit her and when he finds you there, it might lead to serious arguments and quarrels. The best place you should be with a lady is your house.

3. You might be chased out of the house.

When you two have an argument or a misunderstanding, the lady might chase you out if the house. This is because the lady knows that you don't own the house, simply because you are not the one paying the rent. This will be a big shame to you as a man with clothes in a paper bag on the streets late at night.

4. You might spend for nothing.

When you spend on a single woman living in her house, as long as you find her living that life even if you pay for her rent when things go sour, she can chase you out. All the things you buy for her remains hers until that time you will find your house and bring her in.

Is it okey for a man stay in a lady's house when dating?

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