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5 Signs that a Girl is Madly in Love with You-Opinion

Below are the five key signs that a girl really likes you, even without telling you directly:

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1. If she asks to find out whether you have a girlfriend.

A girl who has a crush on you would like to know if the guy in question is attached somewhere else. This will be the first thing she would like to know before she gets to attach herself emotionally to you.

2. Avoiding eye contact whenever she looks at you.

This is one of the main sign that a girl has a crush on you. If you happen to meet a girl who is always shy whenever you are together, then it means that there is something building in her towards you.

3. Always caring and wants to know how you are doing. For instance, if it's a colleague, she will make a call to ask if you arrived home safely and how your day was. She will equally invest emotionally to see that you are always happy.

4. If she lingers around you for a chance to talk to you and spend time with you. While you are together, She will constantly touch your hands and admire certain parts of your body like your fingers, although she might not say so.

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