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Best Tricks To Employ In Winning Her Heart When She's Playing Hard To Get

Ladies like playing hard to get whenever men show interest in loving them. It's just a genuine way to prove whether your love is real or you're just after taking advantage of her. Determines the potential of being her future partner so your behavior matters a lot in this situation. The way you handle her intentional resistance will definitely speak out everything about you. Obvious ladies go for calm and cool guys who can tolerate their flaws and delayed responses. 

Some men confuse this kind of action with being rude. That girl is just using a trick to learn much about your personality before making a decision to fall in love with you. This article gives a complete description of the best tricks you should use and maintain to win her heart even when she's playing hard to get. 

1. Be patient. 

Of course when you shoot your shot you expect her to respond quickly and positively. But a woman who knows how to analyze things will take her time to get the right answer. So at this point you have to be patient until she gives her stand. If it's okay with your proposal fine, if not then maybe you're not meant to be. Don't force her to say yes yet deep down it's a no. This won't work effectively if you try using power because it will paint a negative image of you. 

2. Exhibit persistence. 

If you give up or just keep quiet after expressing your feelings for her, then she may think you've already given up. It's important to keep on reminding her about the issue so that it can signify your seriousness about the story. This also gives her energy to continue strategizing and settling her mind on being in a relationship with you. Be persistent but not too much because it may make you look desperate and needy. 

3. Confidence. 

This covers the intelligent and mature side of you. A shy guy always gets a hard time trying to make a girl understand his needs. So be that man who stands strong when addressing a girl, don't shiver or start fidgeting. It adds more respect and trust in your words so that girl can't even doubt you. Picture out yourself as a principled and self contained guy to keep off intimidation. 

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