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If She's In Love With You, Then Expect Her To Ask These Three Questions.

Romantic love is everyone's goal to achieve inorder to settle down in marriage. Before you meet the perfect person, most of the times you land in very toxic affairs with people who don't deserve your love. It takes patience and trust that you'll one day find your soulmate. Thus it's a matter of time.

Falling in love with a girl who loves you back is the most exciting thing. Once her feelings settle comfortably on you, contact is created and curiosity creeps in. She's tempted to ask some genuine questions, just to know you better.

So if she's truly interested in having a relationship, then notice that she asks the following questions.

1. Long term goals.

These are ultimate goals meant to be achieved in future. A clear minded guy has special and unique ambitions that he aims to achieve step by step. He's led by confidence and courage that these goals will be met without any drawbacks. Thus a lady will ask about them to know whether they align with hers. Obvious there's that one common interest and that's what definitely connects you.

2. Your previous relationships.

It's a way of understanding your taste in affairs so that she can adjust to your preferences. Most women inquire why you parted ways, so give valid reasons. Of course not every affair is meant to be permanent, so don't think it's your fault. Just be honest enough to explain what happened and what's your stand in love issues.

3. Level of income.

Nowadays ladies don't fall for broke men. They're all after winning rich men who can afford to pay their bills. She uses this inquisitive method to gauge how much you earn and whether that can satisfy her.

Also focuses on knowing where you work, to avoid landing on a man who does dirty business.

Therefore, if your crush asks these questions, then she's interested. Don't hesitate to shoot your shot before things turn upside down.

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