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What it Means When Girl Looks Straight to Your Eyes.

Following are the main reasons why some ladies maintains prolonged eye contact whenever you are talking to them;

1. She likes you.

When a girls looks straight to your eyes without blinking and becoming shy it's a sign that the girls likes you. Girls are always shy and if you find one with such confidence of maintain a eye contact with you just know she likes you it's only because she can't speak out.


Another reason that women give prolonged eye contact is to bond with others and to learn what the other person is feeling. If a woman stares directly into your eyes, she may be trying to assess whether you are happy, sad, afraid or stressed. She may also be looking for evidence of how you are feeling about her and your interaction. If her stare lasts longer than 10 seconds, however, she may be trying to let you know that you have spinach stuck between your teeth.

3. To detect lies.

Some ladies are very keen on whatever you tell them. She may maintain eye contact for long time to see wether you will get stuck as you talk to her. This eye contact will always make you stuck if you were telling lies. Through that they can weigh the information you were delivering to her. Those are the main meaning of direct eye contact. Thanks for reading this article.

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