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Divorce Affair

3 Things Women Do When Cheating

People cheat for a variety of reasons. It's widely believed to be incorrect. There will be no ifs, ands, or buts.

If you've ever been duped, you know how bad it feels. It's a setback for your ego and self-esteem. If you're a man reading this, here are some telltale signals that your lady is having an affair.

She seems to be lost in contemplation all of the time.

Women are regarded to be observant and good listeners. They make a lot of sacrifices in partnerships, but if she barely listens to what their boyfriend says, it suggests something or someone else is on their minds.

In fact, she might become completely absorbed in her thoughts and lose touch with reality at times. If she's cheating, she'll most likely be thinking of methods to break up with you and so appear distracted.

She's no longer interested in romance.

If she's dating another man, no matter how fantastic the lovemaking was, she'll lose interest. She'll start acting cold and distant lately, making reasons not to spend quality time with you.

Inquiring about her man's itinerary all the time

Most women want to know their man's daily schedule so they can plan for surprises, eat on time, and go on dates. However, if she becomes overly interested in her man's schedule and wants to know when he leaves and returns home, she may be planning to invite the other guy over for a visit.

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