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What Makes a Relationship Strong Between A Man And A Woman.

Many people have been asking how a relationship can stay strong without any interference and confusions. Its a responsibility of a man and a woman to make it stable. A man has his own responsibilities and same to a woman. therefore the following is what makes it strong;

1 Hardworking and caring

A man has to work hard to provide for the family and therefore no woman will accept a man who is lazy. A man also cares for the family and it is his responsibility. Same to a woman she must work hard to please a man and keep the family is a good healthy.

2 Loving and Supportive

In ever relationship there must be existence of love for it to work. A man has to love his wife and vice verse. When a lady is treated with love she feels special and will stay strong to support the relationship. When a man has plans a lady ought to support him so that they will prosper together. Therefore this is a nice way of maintaining a relationship.

3 Trust and Faithfulness

A man and a woman must show trust to each other so that one should not cheat in that relationship. At the same time faithfulness is best of all so that they don't go outside the marriage or the relationship. Therefore this is very important to sustain the relationship.

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