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"Happy Boyfriends Day" The Origin And Reason For Celebrating Boyfriends Day.

A boyfriend is someone whom you are not officially married to but you've a romantic relationship with him. Today being 3rd October, this day is specially dedicated to celebrate "boyfriends day". Meant to spend time with your partner either husband, boyfriend, crush, bestie or a guy that you find special in your life. 

The origin of this holiday still remains untold story to many people even though we honor and treasure it. So today I want to bring a limelight about it by sharing the real story of how it started. According to research on several websites, it's clear that the day apparently begun on October 3rd 2012. It was suggested by a group of Twitter account users who posted some appreciation messages for their loved ones. 

Since then the day has always been treated like valentine just as an occasion to share romantic words and nice things with your darling. It's an unofficial holiday, so people just celebrate in their own way. You'll see couples posting, painting the best captions on the photos and gifting their men. 

Thus it's important to appreciate our partners, show more love and hugs. Happy boyfriends day to all men out there, may your romantic dreams come true one day. Continue raising the flag of love higher. Receive my warm and cute wishes because you're the most amazing people. 

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Happy Boyfriends


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