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How to say sorry to hubby after conflict

A conflict is a disagreement between two people. Marriage as they say is not a bed of roses. There are uphill moments and downhill moments. There are times that a couple fights over very minor things for example the other day I was talking to a friend who complained to me that they fought over dirty socks on the bed and I laughed over it because I felt it was too petty. However, there are more serious issues that can cause conflicts in marriage for instance infidelity, finance, investments, etc. There are ways of saying sorry to your hubby should you have conflicts in your marriage.

Cook his favorite meal

The way to a man's heart is through the stomach in case you didn't know. You have stayed with this man and you fully know his best dish, endeavor to prepare his food well. Let him get home to a sumptuous meal, however angry he might be this will surely melt his heart.

welcome him home with a warm smile and hug

Nothing makes a man happy than a beautiful smile from his wife, welcome him home with the words "welcome home honey," as you also hug him, these moments will make him forget everything and feel loved.

Welcome him to a hot shower

Make your man feel like a king, he is the king after all in your home. Prepare warm water for the shower as he gets ready for dinner or lunch.

Be touchy and maintain eye contact

Men are social beings as well, a pat at the back would do him good however angry he might be. Engage your man in conversation as you look at him directly into the eye to rebuild the confidence that was once lost. Men most times grow weak when their women look straight into their eyes.

•Make the house very neat and appealing

Men like orderly women. A well-kept home appeals to them and makes them feel peace of mind. Make the bedroom neat and appealing this is the room where conflicts are settled.

Try these methods whenever you would like to apologize indirectly to your husband and let the magic happen. Thank me later.

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