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3 Games She should Never Play Around You

3 Games She should Never Play Around You, Dump her.

So, you all have been playing games with your girlfriend and it has grown to normal that playing games is your thing.

Now, guys we hope this article teaches you something today. You should never tolerate a woman to just play games the way she feels like.

Sometimes it is better to caution her just to make aufe she never crosses the boundary line.

This makes her respect you even better and improves the level of attraction she has on you.

Again, it doesn't prove that she will love you deeply if you allow her to play any of these games, so never give her the chance to play them.

These games will only make her take you for granted and if things might go reverse, you will be the one to regret losing her.

Here are the games we are talking about in this article:

1. Unexplained Silence.

Well, sometimes silence serves as the way to solve some issues in the relationship. Like, if you warned her against something and she never agreed to it, the best thing to do is to give her your silence.

In other words, you might hear us talking about “starving her your attention” which almost means the same thing.

Now, a problem comes when she decides to go silent without having to explain anything to you.

At this point you can't reach her on any platform. Now, the question is, are you sure you matter to her in that relationship?

High chances are, you don't because if you were, she would have told you what is going on or what she was planning to do.

So, never allow your woman to do this because doing this only shows that she doesn't value you.

We hope it makes sense, otherwise, it's up to you to allow her do such a thing to the relationship.

2. Saving your Phone number as an Alias in her Phone.

Guys, this is the most dangerous state of relationship because you might be thinking you are the main guy while in real sense, you are the side guy.

For instance, your name is Collins and she saves you as “Work”, it only means that she doesn't want people to know that she ks dating you.

And that means, her main guy should not find out whoever you are. And it is always a bad thing to allow her do.

And knowing how you appear in her phone is very simple, just let her come over to your place and then when you guys chilling, call her number and see the name that appears in there.

That will reveal a lot about how she sees you. What you should know is that, you should never allow her take you for granted.

You are a worth full guy who should be taken into consideration wherever he goes. Otherwise, never let a woman waste your time.

3. Playing Hide and seek.

Yeah guys, it is sometimes very tiresome to have to look for your girl but you can't find her. Like, she only appears when she needs something from you.

That means something is not going on right. Have you ever been in a relationship where a girl is only happy with you when she needs a favor.

After which she goes missing? And when you try looking for her, she can't be found? Those are the wrong games we are talking about.

Now, guys never allow a woman to take you as an opportunity, your resources are yours and should never be wasted in the name of being in a relationship.

Guys, make sure your resources are never misused and if you must spend it on her, then be careful on the kind of girl you are dealing with.

We hope it makes sense to you up to this point, if you have a question, put it down in the comments section down below.

And if lur articles always teach you something, do not forget to follow us for more such articles coming your way. Like and share too.

Content created and supplied by: Collinovidz (via Opera News )


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