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Five Signs That Your Partner Is Playing Mind Games With You

A little game playing goes on at the start of most relationship as you test the waters, gauge interest and try to figure out what is going on. But ongoing mind games can drive you crazy with frustration because when the ground beneath you keep shifting, it can feed an anxiety that never quite goes away. If these signs flare up consistently then take care you are being used for someone else's dark agenda.

Flirting with others in front of you. When someone does this, it tend to be a habitual behavior as well as strategy used to test your response. The aim is to validate themselves and prove they could have their choices of other partners if they wanted. The always get away with this early in a relationship because we are afraid of looking paranoid jealous.

Won't commit to dates.Game players won't lock in dates too early, they like to keep all doors open. This will make you feel like they are hopping for a better offer which truthfully they probably are.

Keep distancing between you and their family. Game players avoid having you meet the key people in their lives. There is always an excuse. It is common to keep introduction until you are sure of a new partner. People with an agenda will drag this out for far longer than is reasonable. There can be several reasons for doing so. They have a past they don't want you to know about, they don't you to learn the truth about them or they lack close friends.

You can't shake your anxiety. This is the biggest sign of all. It is normal to feel a little anxiety at the start of a new relationship, especially big you have been hurt by someone of your previous relationship haven't worked out. But gradually things should settle up and you should feel comfortable with your partner. Mind game players specialises in keeping your stomach churning with anxiety because that is the game and that is the way they want you to feel. You are never sure of them, their thoughts , emotions, behavior and commitment.

Full download of personal problems. Dating is supposed to be fun not therapy. Beware of someone who download too much problems. This is a particular trap for kind, compassionate people who are always up for offering support. So make sure in tht early stages of the relationship, the playing field is level.

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