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Meaning Of The Following Emojis Your Girlfriend Uses When She Texts You

There are different emojis a person use when texting you and they have different meaning.Your boyfriend can text your while using emojis and they have their meaning and your girlfriend can text you using emojis and they also have their meaning.Here are meaning of the following emojis your girlfriend uses when she text you.

1.Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat 😅

She uses this to text you to express joy at how a potentially negative event worked.If she uses this emoji, know that she is expressing joy at how a potentially negative event worked.

2.Face with tears coming from two eyes and mouth open 😂

She uses this to show laughter.It is used especially when someone sends a funny joke.When she sends this emoji to you, know that you have send something that contain a joke that make her to laugh.

3.Winking face 😉

Shows that message you sent to her was with humorous intent.When texting her and you notice this, know that your message was with humorous intent.

4.Smiling face with halo 😇

She uses this to indicate that she is innocent and good.It can be used seriously or humorous.You should take serious to this emoji and do not take it for granted.

5.Relieved face 😌

It meant to indicate relief.She uses this to show that she has been relieved.It is mostly used to show contestant or calmness.Know that she has been relieved by somebody else or your personal has relieved her.When you want to relief her, she will use this emoji.

6.Face savoring delicious food😋

Used to express emotion about food.Used when someone has taken a delicious meal.She uses this to inform you that she has taken delicious meal or the meal which you had bought for her was delicious.

7.Smiling face with sunglasses 😎

Used to indicate coolness.She text you using this emoji to show coolness.

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