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Signs That You Love People Excessively

The following are some of the common signs that you love people excessively:

1. You don't pay attention to your dreams and career at all because you are always busy looking after the people you love and their dreams.

2. You overthink even the little details about the person you love. You care too much and every small change in their behaviour affects you.

3. You let people hurt you again and again because you don't know when to let them go.

4. Your life and world revolve around the people you love blinding you to see the difference between right and wrong.

5. You compromise your smile for the sake of the happiness of the person you love. You spend hours thinking about how you can make them happy.

6. You can't give up easily and you keep trying by putting in your best efforts until you realise that you don't get the same.

7. You pour too much of yourself into the person you love and the relationships until the day you feel empty.

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