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3 Reasons She Wants You to Keep Things Private (No. 3 is Painful).

3 Reasons She Wants You to Keep Things Private (No. 3 is painful).

You have been wishing to be in a relationship with this one girl, who you finally thought you won over, but now things do not seem to be as expected.

She said yes but on condition that you guys should keep things private until further notice or until you guys get married.

Yes, she suggested it but you agreed to it but now it seems like it is going to cost your relationship, you feel like it is not going to last.

The question is, did you try to ask yourself the reason why she decided to make that suggestion?

The answer is, No. Because you loved her so much and never wanted to make her angry by any chance.

Anyway, let's discuss the reasons why she wants you to keep things private with her until further notice.

Read and make short notes if possible, so that you don't mess up next time, when a girl brings forth such a suggestion.

1. She wants to study you more.

Most of the times we get into a relationship with girls who are not so sure what they are up to concerning the qualities they see in you.

Such women might decide to keep you waiting untill she is done with her investigation about you.

In short, she wants to know you better before finally making things public for Everyone to see what's going on.

In most cases like this, you are just required to be patient enough to see what will happen next after she is done with all her issues.

Just sit back and watch her do her investigation. Maybe after which she will open up and make things public for the two of you.

2. It is her Love language.

Just by nature, some girls are created through that direction. Like, it is her best way of showing love to you.

That means, when you see this or when she tells you this, high chances are that she is already in love.

Though this type of girls who are genuinely created this way are very rare. Most girls just do it for other reasons.

The only thing you can do is to be careful with your woman to understand when she is loyal with you. Otherwise, she might be telling you this to only waste your time.

3. She doesn't love You.

This is the saddest thing a man wants to hear from someone. Like, how easy can it be to realize that, the one girl you are craving for, doesn't care about you.

That is why, a man will do anything just to avoid getting such a compliment from a friend of the girl herself.

But all in all, if a girl doesn't love you, she simply doesn't love and there is nothing you can do about it.

In that case, you just have to accept the things the way they are and figure out how to make the next step.

We hope it makes sense to you. If you have a question, put it down in the comments section below.

Also, follow us for more articles coming through as time goes by. Like, share and be careful with the girl you are dating.

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