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Factors to Consider When Choosing an Engagement Ring

Finally you have found your lover, now it’s important to have an engagement. The best courtship is sealed with a perfect engagement ring. Purchasing a ring is not easy, since it’s a sign and symbol of love. The following are five factors to consider when shopping for an engagement ring.


This is the amount limit you can buy your ring without straining. You need to check and weigh your financial ability before making a choice on a ring. Financial strain is not necessary when purchasing an engagement ring. It’s therefore advisable to have a pocket friendly estimate for an engagement ring. You can also talk to your jeweler to custom design your ring which is cost effective to you for a stunning ring.

2.Personal choice

People have different preferences and tastes so you need to understand your fiance so that you can make a perfect choice that suits her taste. The base setting of your ring choice should be a reflection of her taste. This can be achieved by keenly checking on her dress code and color she likes most.You can also check her jewelry to determine whether there is a yellow gold, white or silver colors in place. This will enable you to make the right decision when choosing the band of the ring with a perfect match.

3. Size of the ring

For the ring to perfectly fit on your fiance's finger you must know her size to avoid taking it back to your jeweler for resizing. It will be grateful for your partner to discover that you know her ring size. One of the ways of knowing your partners size is by borrowing one of her rings and take it to jeweler for ring resizing. You can also invite one of her friends when going for shopping and she can assist you in choosing the right size of the ring. It important to note that some rings cannot be resized. Ring resizing is expensive and time-consuming so it’s advisable to have the right size before purchasing.

4.Protection and security

The process of getting an engagement ring is long and expensive. It is therefore important to ensure that your ring is insured to be assured of its security. Insurance policies can cover the ring in case it gets lost, stolen or damaged. When purchasing the ring it’s good that you include the insurance fee.You can also protect your ring by getting your stone certified. Some jewelers can give you an illusion that you are purchasing a great ring with a good deal. Unfortunately it may be low quality diamond.


Quality is a factor to consider when purchasing an engagement ring. The 4cs that is the cut, color, clarity and carat must be taken into account if you are shopping for an engagement ring in a jewelry store in Sydney. Carat weight affects the budget, if the stone is heavy the likelihood of being expensive is high. Higher clarity makes the stone valuable and perfect. Purchasing lowest clarity stone with the lowest color the ring will be flawless and identical to high clarity stone. The cut of the ring is the most important 4c because it determines the ring sparkle. So a poorly cut ring will look bad. It is important also to buy a perfect wedding bands to compliment the stone because the ring band is the Centre of attraction.


It's important to note that wearing an engagement ring is a lifetime thing. The same ring can be passed to the next generation or your children by your fiance as an heirloom. Thus, you need to be extra careful when choosing what your heart desires. Always buy an engagement ring that has a unique style and affordable to make your fiance happy. Am sure your fiance will be really happy and amazed if you buy for her, her dream engagement ring.

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