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Signs Your Breakup Is Temporary and You Might Get Back Together

If you have broken up with your partner for some reason and you are wondering if you still got a shot of getting back your relationship, then you should read this to the end.

1 They might be sending you mixed signals as they are not sure if the decision to break up with you was the best. If your ex ignores you one day and the next day they send you a message on how they miss you and can't be without you, that is a clear indication that they are undecided and can come back anytime.

2 if your ex isn't fully committed to you breaking up and going your separate ways they will want to keep in touch with you. They always feel the need to check on how you are doing and be more caring.

3 Your ex being emotional when he sees you or break down is also an indication that they truly loved you and they are having a hard time moving on. After they are done hurting their is a great possibility they might come back. What are the other signs your relationship isn't done yet after a breakup leave a comment below.

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