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What You Need to Know About Lwam Bekelle

Lwam Bekelle is widow to the Late Fidel Odinga as well a mother of one son who is her everything like kids are everything to any other mother. She is still single since the death of her husband for she has not considered getting into another marriage for reasons known by herself since she is not a public figure.

Lwam Bekelle is a business lady as well a real estate investor currently leading the Plash rentals where she earns her source of living. She has been at the forefront to ensure her son Prince Odhiambo attained everything in life just like envisaged by his late father including the best education.

Though single and young, Lwam Bekelle has not engaged herself in any form of marriage with anybody else. She might have relationships here and there for nobody can stay full of dry spell but that does not mean she is married to anybody.

Much more details about Lwam Bekelle remains scanty and largely off public limelight for own reasons. Remember also she is a security analyst and consultant where she earns her source of income from time to time hence really not only a strong lady but as well independent.

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Fidel Late Lwam Bekelle Odhiambo


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