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Wedding planning scene

Maria: Sofia's Plan To Ruin Maria's Wedding

Maria's wedding is underway. Rufina visits Maria and tells her that everything happens for a reason. She says that God wanted her to lose the documents so that she can come back to her senses. She adds that she is no longer interested in any wealth. She asks for forgiveness from Maria and requests to be part of her wedding.

Maria has chosen her wedding dress, she goes to church to pray to God. She wishes that her two mothers (Deborah and Naomi)were alive to witness her wedding. She even asks her mother to give her a sign whether her wedding will be successful.

At the mansion, Vanessa is trying to convince Luwi not to wear a suit because I was a cliche but Luwi sticks to his decision. William wishes Luwi all the best in his married life and advises him to always be honest in their marriage.

At the hotel, Sofia looks unhappy and stressed up. Her father Omari asks her if Maria and Luwi's wedding was disturbing her but she denies. She says that she moved on a long time ago. After that, she says "wedding my foot" meaning that she had not forgiven them. She calls someone on phone. She tells him that she had told him that he will call him when he needs him. He then tells him to be on stand by and wait for her instructions.

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