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Do You love a Right Person? 6 Ways to Tell if You Are Dating The Right Person.

1. You appreciate Interests. Considering your interest while in a relationship is what you should consider most. This is because it will help the two of you to relate happily. When you realize that you have similar interests and you are ready to try and do each other's activity such as hobby, then you are in the right romance.

2. They pay attention when you are talking. Love is all about talking to each other so that you can feel the sense of togetherness. This is achieved when one is able to listen and contribute actively. If your partner listens to you when you are talking to him or her they you have a good person. This is the best sign that you are dating the one you needed.

3. They Love you the way you are. Dating does not mean you behave in a similar way or you are in the same level. You have different goals and objectives in life. The difference can also be in terms of personality. A person can love you the way you are and try to make you a better person. If you get such a person then you are in the right way.

4. They feel good when you succeed. When you are in love with you partner then you should be happy when one of you succeed. Do not be jealous and hate you lover because he or she is prospering. If you have one who celebrates your victory together with you then that is the right human being to have.

5. They encourage you to be closer to God. In all situation is good to remember our creator who is God. That means we need to pray always so as to strengthen our relationships. When you have a partner who encourages you always to pray and thank God, then he or she is worth to stay with you as your lover.

6. Relate well with your family and friends. The person you fall in love should be able to put your family in consideration. As this clearly indicates how well this person has received you in life. The same happens to to your friends too. 

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