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Husband and wife relationship

Why it is important to look at these factors before getting into marriage

Finding someone you will stay with the rest of your life is not an easy task. For you have to look at your possible union with the person and what the union will bear. In this stage, you need not to rush but take a time to weigh your decisions. Many people hurry to get into marriage but after a short period, they move out of the relationship. The crucial questions you have to ask yourself are; Does this person deserve to be my children’s father or mother? How about his/her parents, What differences do we have and is it possible that we can solve them?

These are the factors you might like to consider


You may choose to ignore this but it may cost your marriage in the long term. People have been convincing themselves that they will change their priorities once they get used to each other, which is wrong. Take an example someone likes football and politics and he doesn’t want to hear about music or economy. This means the communication in the house will be so limited.Firstly,he/she may not want to hear about your music topics and secondly, he/she may see you as an outsider. Preferences can stretch to number of kids you can raise, the financial management of the house and general arranging of the house. If you have parallel preferences, chances are that your marriage may not last for long.


What happens when in-laws are against your marriage? You may love each other but probably you are going to need the parents blessings and their say in your marriage. The fact that your relationship with in-laws is stained doesn’t mean that your marriage will be moving smoothly. Imagine having cases of parents storming into your compound and taking their daughter with them or your children being denied a chance to meet their grandparents. You cannot wait that to happen to you. This can justify why you will in-laws that will treat you right and consider you as one of their own

3.Financial ability of your partner

Love may be the most important issue in marriage but money can be equally important. In the courtship process, someone might have been lying to you about his/her income. What happens is that you are going to get into marriage over expecting or so confident that your partner will provide. After settling, you will discover the trick and this will bring misunderstandings between the two of you.It may be worse if you already have kids who need support but both of you are unable to provide


It’s not common to see a Hindu married to a Christian or a Christian married to a Muslim. These cases are rare but in case you are going to marry, look for someone you share the same spiritual ideas. You may find a partner who is a Christian and you are a pagan, the problems comes when choosing the spiritual path of your children and they may end up confused. Another reason is that there are some things you are not going to agree on because you have different beliefs.

5.Education level of your partner

What happens when there is a big educational gap between married couples? It is simple, no meaningful communication is going to happen between the two. You will be married to a class eight dropout and you are a University degree holder, she’s going to be your subordinate and not your equal. This may lead to mistreatment from one partner.


It’s a critical factor in marriage and you are not going to dispute that. They say age is just a number but actually it’s a factor to consider. Imagine someone of your father’s age as your husband, the same ideas your father had are the same with your husband. Every generation has its fashion and a way of seeing things. You may find that you don’t like your partner's way of dressing but to him it is okay. The generation gap between the two of you would not allow you to do things together.


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