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Why Women Are Satisfied in a Relationship with Broke Men

Broke men have been known to satisfy women better than rich men due to a number of reasons. Their financial status might be down but women are more stratified in a relationship with them. Here are some of the reasons why women are more satisfied by broke men.

1. They compensate for what they lack.

They feel the need to make up for their lack of money. If a man has a lower income, he thinks other men might pursue his woman. He goes an extra mile to show her impressive skills. He is more likely to be more focused on quality results which includes satisfying a woman in bed.

2. They are faithful.

There is nothing that beats having a good time with a faithful man because you are confident he has his hands and eyes only for you. Men of a higher social class are more likely to cheat and lie because they have got many admirers.

3. They are not stressed by work.

Men who bring in less money than their wives claimed to satisfy their women in comparison to their higher earning counterparts. This is because they have less to stress about when it comes to work. A broke man does not stress about work so he is always full of energy and ready to go, unlike those who have got jobs and tend to be regularly stressed.

4. They have less ego.

Men who make a lower income are also less likely to feel entitled to be the only one satisfied because they do not have the same feeling of being owed by women. Men with cash only think about themselves as they feel they do not need to push themselves after spending money on their women. A broke man goes an extra mile to satisfy his woman.

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