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Things A Girl Does When She Starts Developing Romantic Feelings For You

I know it's always a hard time trying to understand whether you are attractive to ladies or not. Attraction ranges from the way you dress, talk, personal goals, achievements and the way you treat others. Obvious women get attracted to cute guys who have such admirable qualities. They find them irresistible and so can't keep eyes off them. Once you win their attention you'll always find them all round you trying to make romantic gestures. Their main aim is to be with you since they automatically fall in love.

Even money serves as a main drive in attraction. If you happen to visit clubs with your posh cars ladies fill your table with their sweet tongues. But be careful some are just gold diggers and will suck every coin in your life. So don't be depressed thinking that you have nothing to make women die for you. Here are some of the things a girl does when she finds you attractive. 

1. Asking you to date her. 

This sounds weird but imagine ladies make the first move contrary to the expectation that men are the ones who approach the other gender. This is sometimes caused by competition or being unable to hide love anymore. She goes an extra mile to ask you for a hand in relationship. When this happens, it calls for a personal decision if she's your type then give in. If you don't find anything good in her you can as well decline that request. 

2. Ever supportive. 

Yes she hasn't confessed her love yet but her attention will make you understand her intentions. Shows up at your place anytime just to say hi and know how you're fairing on with life. Enquires whether you need an support or just anything concerning your welfare. Offers to cook, clean and do some laundry for you. Even when things are not working right this is the first person you'll see. Her heart is completely attached to you and the instincts send her to come through in all moments. 

3. Always staring at you. 

As usual ladies are always shy and avoid every kind of contact with men. But once she finds you attractive, she'll always keep her eyes pinned in your face. She can't get enough of you so the eyes can't get off your cute spots. Steals glances untill your eyes meet and that sends a sensation that she's up to something more than just friendship. Don't confront her for looking at you, just take it lightly and understand. 

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