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Characteristics Of Stingy Men That Nobody Can Change

Women don't like stingy men because of their behaviour which embarrass them infront of their friends.

The following are things that such men like doing and it is good for all ladies to be aware.

1. When his girlfriend ask for some money for shopping, he takes two months or more to respond to the request. It doesn't matter whether he has the money or not, he is just hard to give.

2. Even if you point a gun on him, he can 't buy drinks for his friends. Instead he always likes being bought everything.

3. Such men like shopping at the local . He argues that everything that is in the supermarket is at the "duka" opposite the house. He is just afraid that his woman will shop too much if they go out to buy house stuffs.

4. He would walk kilometers to buy cheap items just to get a bargain not minding the time and energy wasted.

5. When he is forced by his wife to give gifts, he’d rather wrap an old gift he got from somebody and present it as his own gift to you or others and will say how expensive the item is.

6. You will also know are dating a stingy guy if he’d rather stay at home and eat left-overs instead of taking you out to take lunch or dinner.

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