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Husband and wife relationship

Various Reasons Why A Woman Needs A Husband

In current world status ,women are seen to exploit opportunities all by themselves and sometimes feel like they need to keep on grinding on their own,but that's not the case for a woman;

1.She needs hugs when bored and frustrated

There's nothing sweet that comforts a woman when bored than his husband's hug .She feels relaxed in your arms and feels cheered up by you.

2.She needs to be happy on a bad mood

It's always the duty of a husband to crack jokes and make his woman smile for it brings the good mood back to its climax.

3.She needs compliments when in doubt

A husband should be the one to tell her she looks beautiful.Tell her she did a great work .Tell her you love her just the way she is ,Make her feel Loved ,she needs to be Loved .

4.She needs to be the Priority on a busy Schedule

A husband should make time for her ,you can go without jobs but you can't go without her

5.She needs a friend for lifetime

It's the husband's duty to make her feel she needs a friend more than a husband because it strengthens the daily marriage bond

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