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Husband and wife relationship

"My Wife Has Taken Care Of Me And My Family Since 1999" Simon Gush Over Her wife.

Simon and Anastasia got Married in 1988 after Anastasia left her abusive marriage with two children. This Was after her mother in law jeopardized her relationship with her husband making her marriage life very miserable.

In this second marriage however, Anastasia was lucky to find a man who was after her own heart. Her In-laws received her with alot of love despite having kids from the previous marriage.

Her husband was employed as a cook and would take care of the kids as Anastasia left for conferences and trainings. She also studied for certificate in ECD as the husband took care of her children who were very young at that time.

In 1999, both lost their jobs and had to move to another place to start life afresh. Anastasia started selling clothes as Simon stayed at home and started pig farming.

Since 1999 Anastasia became the sole bread winner of that family. She has ensured that the husband is fed and well clothed and that the Children are educated.

Her reasons were that she is taking care of him because he has been very supportive of her dreams and despite of not having a job, she feels that her husband deserves to be respected.

They explained that their life has been one of the best, though they argue like all couples do, their fights have always been over minor disagreements that they solve through talking about them.

Simon is encouraging all men out there to give their wives a chance to follow their dreams while Anastasia advised women to always despite his financial position.

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