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Signs Someone Does not Like You.

They interrupt you constantly.

It is frustrating when a friend talks over you incessantly. But it may be more than just a naive mistake. If a friend interrupts you everytime you speak, it could mean your friend rarely listens to you. Keep in mind this doesn't necessarily mean they don't like you. Constantly interrupting could also mean they are anxious or just a bad listener. But if you have noticed that they don't do it when other people talk, it might be more personal.

They are short with you.

If a relationship is going somewhere good, then the person will be super excited to talk to you. You will both chat freely about your days, your thoughts and feelings. But if someone does not like you? Well, you may be met with pretty stunted responses. After telling a story about your weekend, all they say is that is cool. When you ask them how their's was, they just say, "fine".

They constantly disappoint you.

Friends are supposed to be there for each other. When you make plans with your friends, you expect them to carry out. If you find that the other person always appears to cancel on you after you have plans, this is a sign that they may not like you. They are probably not going to tell you that they do not want to hang out. Instead, they are going to make excuses in order to avoid getting into an argument.

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