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Dear Men, Here Are The Reasons Why You Shouldn't Love A Woman Too Much

Love is a beautiful thing and when you find someone who loves you never let him/her go. As a man when you are in love you should make sure that you doesn't love too much because it has it's consequences. It is not bad to love a woman but you should love her so much and not too much. Today I'm going to talk about some of the reasons why you should never love a woman too much.

1.You might forget about yourself.

Everyone needs to take care and spoil him/herself. As a man if you love a woman too much you might even forget that you also need to be taken care of. You might find yourself spending all your money on a woman when you don't even have shoes. Some men even go as far as risking their lives for their women. You need to love yourself too.

2.You might find it difficult to see what is right.

Love is blind especially if you love someone too much. You will never see any bad thing in her. Even if she is cheating you will find it very difficult to walk out of that relationship. As a man you should be very careful with the way you love someone because it can mess you up big time. You can even ignore bigger opportunities because of love. Love her and do everything for her but with limits.

3. You might start feeling uncontented.

This is another serious problem that comes with loving too much. You will be expecting her to love you the same way you love her. But when she doesn't reciprocate you will start feeling uncontented with her. Never let this happen to you because it can make your self-esteem to go down. Love is so sweet but don't forget that it can also make you to shed tears of pain.

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