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Meet The Woman Who Is Married To Five Brothers

You must have never heard of five husbands of a woman and if you have heard then only in Mahabharata. You thought polyandry no longer existed, right? That’s what I had thought, too. But fraternal polyandry is still prevalent in the some of the remote Indian and Himalayan communities.

To us, the practice may sound weird, but to them, it is a way of life. Young Indian woman who is, Rajo said that she was always asked to accept all of her husbands as the practice has been continuing in her community for generations. She also mentioned that her mother had been married to three brothers.

Rajo Verma 21, is married to five brothers husband Guddu 21, the first of the five she married, followed by Bajju, 32, Sant Ram, 28, Gopal, 26, and Dinesh the youngest who married her last year after he turned 18.

She is intimate with all five of them and does not differentiate among them. Guddu Verma, her first and official husband, agreed with her and said that jealousy has never been an issue and that they live like one big happy family.

They sleep together in turn, but that they do not have beds, just 'lots of blankets on the floor'. Rajo does not know which of the brothers is the father of her son. The ancient Hindu tradition of polyandry was once widely practised in India, but is now only observed by a minority.

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