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How to stop being insecure

Insecurity in relationships is something very common, it could cause pairs to do outrageous things every time. Following up on your partner on his whereabouts every time he's not home, texting him every 20 minutes or calling constantly, even going to an extent of inspecting their email or social media accounts when given an opportunity. Possibly this may be what you're experiencing, either as the insecure one, or the person dating the insecure one. Or perhaps you’ve been both, in unique affairs.

It's not a bad thing to be insecure since it shows how much you love your partner and how much you care about him. Too much insecurity inflicts threat in relationships, making it an addiction and repeating it over and over isn't going to work all time. "Too much of something is poisonous." As the quote implies, you might lead your relationship into a ditch of fire without having a clue of what's going on. Some might find it annoying with their spouse's behavior. Some may suspect trust issues that aren't brought to light.

Speak what's in your heart

It hurts a lot being told the truth but hurts more keeping a burden to yourself, all that pain and all that suffering just trying to make things look like they are normal while they ain't. Being open is something very critical in a relationship for it creates a loyalty bonding and a none secretive environment. A relationship that's free from arguments. Speaking what comes from your heart avoids insecurity in relationships, it helps in correcting mistakes that could be a bigger problem in the future. If your partner has been acting weird so seat with him and reason out the solution together.


Being given attention makes someone feel important and dependant, just like love one dependent on the other for their love to be complete. In some instances, couples are always happy when they are together but once one goes away the other is left unhappy. As a couple, you need each other since there is a unique connection that brought you together as one. Don't focus too much on making money and forget to give attention to your spouse. Watch movies together, take her for dates, buy her ice cream, there is so much you can do together to make him feel important.

Compliment each other

A good compliment brings that confidence in a person. The way you compliment your partner matters a lot because there is a way u can compliment someone and end up discouraging him. Always compliment your partner whenever he/she looks, good, beautiful, smart, etc. The compliment will keep your partner smiling and gives him the confidence to feel like a queen whenever you are together.

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