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7 Ways To Make Someone To Get To Love You

Love is one of the most beautiful gifts God gave to mankind. Even when Christ was asked which is the greatest commandments, He said that love is the greatest of all the commandments.

When love exists among people, it is difficult for any of them to hurt the other as long as the love a genuine one. In today's article, we are going to look at some of the simple things a person can do to make the other person to love them.

1. Shower them praises

Who hates to be praised? Absolutely no-one. Incase you have any of your friends and you want to win his or her heart make sure you constantly shower them with praises in every slight opportunity you get. This tends to give the person a sense of attachment to you. Sooner or later you will begin realizing they are slowly getting attached to you and that is how love grows.

2. Create alot of time together

All of us know that it is very easy to fall in love with a friend. The moment a person gets to see you everytime, the friendship is built. Especially for the ladies, they like it when they are able to see you everytime, unlike men, women don't easily fall in love but the moment they get used to seeing you, they will more often than not start developing feelings towards you. You will also discover the more people see you the more they build their confidence to talk to you and that is how love grows.

3. Allow them talk more when together

Don't be the one who always talks the most everytime you are together. Even if you like talking try to listen more. People oftenly fall in love with people who show the willingness to listen to them. When you let them talk about their stories and pour out their heart to you, chances are the conversation will remain memorable to them and they might never forget you. Within time you will find them confiding in you and that is how love grows.

4. Never hide your weaknesses from them

We all have weaknesses and some of this weaknesses may try to bring expression and their is always this temptation of suppressing them. If you intend to win the person, never suppress those weaknesses. As weak as you are just be yourself, let the person know you for that weakness but also show them of your willingness to change and make things better.

5. Identify the common values that the two of you share

The more you are connected to a person the more you will realize that there are specific values that are common between the two of you. Get to identify those values and make sure you maximize on those values. If you find out that the two of you love picnics, create more opportunities for you to be on this picnics and sooner or later you will realize the bond between the two of you is getting stronger by day.

7. Slight touches during conversations

I don't intend to mean of that you disrespect the other person by touching them inappropriately. During a conversation you can touch their shoulder but not in a manner that makes them uncomfortable. You can also hold their hand but you must always ensure the other party is comfortable with that.

Which of the above ways do you think could be the most effective when it comes to making a person love you? And can you think of other ways apart from the above mentioned?

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