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5 Reasons a man always comeback to you after a breakup

1.He misses you

A man can miss you and your company genuinely and he might be genuinely,the great moments you spent together and for this reason,she comes back to you.

2.Feeling guilty of how he treated you

If your ex boy friend comes to you after months of break up,he might not really wants you back but he can be coming over to apologize for what he did to you.

3.His other option did not work out

Maybe he was breaking up with you for another option and unfortunately,he becomes unsuccessful.Therefore,he will come back to you and apologize.

4.Influence of his friends and family

Maybe you were so good to his parents and friends and they can be missing you much.They will advise him to come back to you.

5.He is feeling lonely

Maybe he is feeling lonely and tried so much to move on but he was not successful and feels that she cannot do without you.He will therefore come back to you to apologize.

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