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If you don't have these 4 things, don't get married.

As a young single person, you must prepare yourself for marriage before it comes, so as to have a strong and lasting marriage. There are things and habits you shoud have, and also attributes you should possess before going into marriage.

Remember, marriage needs alot of efforts from both couples so as to make it work. So, if you don't prepare for it, it will only make you miserable. A warrior doesn't prepare his weapons on the battlefield,but before going into the battle.

Here are things you need to have before getting married.

1. A sense of responsibility

If you have gotten into a point in your life where you have a sense of responsibility , like facing things rather than running away from them, then you are ready for marriage. Marriage itself needs responsible partners, especially when you start having kids and raising them.

If you still find it had to take responsibility of your actions, then you are not mature for marriage. Marriage will not make you responsible, in fact, it will test how responsible you are.

2. A strong work ethics

There are people who are never serious with work. Some are just too lazy to work, while others find it hard to maintain their work. These people fail in life and marriages, because they do not know how to work hard and smart.

If you want to get married and you don't have a good work ethic, then be sure you will face difficulties in your marriage, because in marriage you will have somebody or people depending on you, so you will have to do anything and everything possible to provide for them, and if you are not hardworking enough, you will fail in your marriage.

3. Financial Discipline

It takes money to sustain a marriage, thus financial discipline is definitely one of the things to have before getting married. Money issues are one of the major conflicts in many relationships. Learn how to save up, investing, and spending your money wisely before getting married. This will help to sharpen your financial skills even in marriage.

If you have a sense of responsibility and work ethics, learning financial discipline shouldn't be a difficult thing to achieve.

4. Willingness to consciously work to becoming a better person.

Am sure you have stories of many married couples who had to drop their habits, hobbies, and behaviours after getting married. Marriage is a school where two different people come together, and work together to make it work.

You must be ready to make adjustments where, and when necessary. Don't expect to be the same person after getting married. You can't be rigid and stuck in what you think is right, and expect to have a great marriage.

If both of you have these four things before marriage, you will have a great marriage with less difficulties.

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