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Signs Your Man Can Not Live Without You

There are signs when your man can not live without you.Here are signs your man can not live without you.

1.He calls you through phone and text you everyday.He always call you through phone everyday and texts you to know how you are going.He asks you how you have spend the day.

2.He respect you highly as his woman.He listens to what you are saying and takes an action immediately.He does not interrupt you while you are talking or comment anything before you have finished talking.

3.He does not love any woman but you alone.He does not make relationship with any other woman.He loves you alone and is satisfied with you.

4.He introduces you to his friends and family members.He makes sure his friends know you.

5.He spends most of time with you.He spends most of time with you talking about the future together with you.He tells you how happy he s together with you.

6.He smiles when he is around you.He is always happy with you.He smiles when he has seen you.

7.He makes funny and jokes to make you smile and laugh.He makes funny things to make you smile and love.He want you to be happy always as he is with you.

8.He consults you before doing anything or making any plan.He tells you anything he want to do and what he is planning to do next for you to give him advise.

9.He walks with you to every place you go.When you go to any place like market or shop to do shopping, he escorts you.When you are at kitchen, he is too there to help you cook food.Also he helps you to fetch water and washing utensils.

10.He does not want anyone to trouble you.He protects you highly and does not anyone to joke with you.He makes sure that everyday and everytime you are safe.

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